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SC Series construction hoist

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  • China SC Series construction hoist Smoothly starting and stopping ,less power,easy control on speed ,better service.
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China SC Series construction hoist Smoothly starting and stopping ,less power,easy control on speed ,better service
1. Energy, starting current is less than the rated current.
2. Speed adjustable up to enhance the speed of 63m/min.
3. Frequency control system.
4. Kai brake smooth, low mechanical wear and tear.
5. Anti-dropping device,drive motor, reducer double safety insurance, fastening frame, more secure and reliable.

Main technical details:
specifications SC200/200
Cage load capacity 2000Kg*2
Independent height 50m 
Lifting speed 34m/min
Max. lifting heigh 250m 
Number of passengers 16 person*2
Cage inner dimensions 3*1.3*2.2 m ( It can be arranged according to your requirement)
section dimensions 0.65*0.65*1.508m 
Power of Motors  (11Kw* 3)*2/(15Kw*3)*2
1. With high quality products, competitive price and after-sales services, our products such as SC200/200 series construction elevators have been sold to many provinces in China, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa many other countries and regions.
2." Rapid response, immediate action, quality first, reputation first", and customer demand will be  the power of our development, to provise users with satisfactory products and quality survice.
3,We sincerely hope to establish long-term friendly cooperation with friends comes at home and abroad.
SC Series construction hoist of common models:
Characteristic Model Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double cabin
SC200/200 2×2000kg 33m/min 2×(3×11kw)
SC150/150 2×1500kg 33m/min 2×(2×15kw)
SC100/100 2×1000kg 33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
Single cabin
SC200     2000kg 33m/min 3×11kw
SC150     1500kg 33m/min 2×15kw
SC100     1000kg 33m/min 2×11kw

construction hoist with Interver:
   Characteristics Model Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double Cabin
SC200/200D 2×2000kg 0-33m/min 2×(3×11kw)
SC100/100D 2×1000kg 0-33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC200/200Z 2×2000kg 0-55m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC100/100Z 2×1000kg 0-55m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC200D     2000kg 0-33m/min 3×11kw
SC100D     1000kg 0-33m/min 2×11kw
SC200Z     2000kg 0-55m/min 2×11kw
SC100Z     1000kg 0-55m/min 2×11kw

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